Our Team

Volo Web Studios was founded in 2006 by Mike McKee in Johnsonville, a few minutes outside of Myrtle Beach, SC (USA), to service clients worldwide with web programming services. Mike had previously worked as an information technology federal contractor at the Pentagon and many Washington, DC offices, as well as was employed with large corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, and ADP in New York City, Atlanta, Raleigh, and Florence (SC).

One of Mike's greatest accomplishments was during Hurricane Fran in Raleigh, working with the former Carolina Power & Light company. Mike developed an employee and contractor account system that batched in accounts in bulk faster than had ever been done before, linking several different computer systems including Banyan, Windows NT, VAX VMS, and IBM RACF. During the hurricane, this system batched in thousands of linemen to work the power lines to restore power and safety to many areas devastated by the hurricane, saving countless lives.